Jane Austen Film Adaptions

Pride & Prejudice (2005) – Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen played their roles better than other movie adaptions. Mr. Darcy was as brooding as ever but in this adaption he was taken to another light much softer in the character. Elizabeth Bennet’s character on the other hand fit Knightley like a glove, her rash moments of pride and her strong character was developed greatly on film. Because this was a movie not much was able to fit in which could have made it better but the director took his view and made this adaption favorable for years ongoing. It is the movie to see at any time of hour of romance.

Pride and Prejudice (TV Mini-Series) – The single reason that they made this novel into a series is why it succeeds far beyond other adaptions. Colin Firth was perfect for Mr. Darcy and I have never been able to find a better Darcy than him. Brooding, rude, and prejudice as Darcy is Colin Firth did the character right. As to dear Lizzie, Jennifer Ehle did the role justice especially in the scenes where she argues which captured Lizzie’s character. It stays as the best adaption from this novel.

Mansfield Park – The best thing about this movie? Billie Piper as Fanny Price. The movie was a classic  and the simplicity in the movie was what enraptured the story. Price is young, honest, and lovable there is a beauty in watching her character come to life and the pure sincerity of her love for her cousin will drive us to awe.

Sense and Sensibility – Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman all have made this classic a wonderful experience to see. This novel expresses the desperation that women must go through when they have no man to take care for them, life is hard upon women and the lives of the Dashwood sisters is one of the stories to see. But like all Austen’s novels the stories of these women ends in happy terms and this movie has captured that message.

Northanger Abbey – Mr. Tinley, quirky, honorable, and amusing as he is was portrayed by JJ Field who played the role to its core. Both he and Felicity Jones made this Austen classic come to life. One of the best parts of this movie were its scenes of Catherine’s exaggerated dreams of her Gothic fantasies.

Becoming Jane – Though this very well may not be a novel of Jane Austen it was inspired by her personal life  to an inside tale of Jane Austen and her becoming to be a great novelist. Anne Hathaway portrays Jane Austen as the portrait of what she might have been like in her younger days as she first developed the experience that later becomes written and used to write the romances that she creates. Her romance with the Irishman, played by James McAvoy starts up a rumble with Austen’s life that barely allows women to succeed but gives her the sufferings that she transforms to beauty in her later novels.




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