My first impression of the Elf Blushes and Bronzer

Elf is a very affordable popular brand that anyone can afford, if you’re like me you’ve been hesitant to try some of their products. I currently use some of their brushes, but not their makeup. I have tried a jumbo balm from elf and it wasn’t awful but it wasn’t amazing either. I have heard a lot of things about their blushes so I decided to finally give them a try. I also picked up their Golden Bronzer.

Elf blushes

From left to right: Fuchsia Fusion and Melow Mauve

To my surprise I liked the blushes. I don’t love them but I don’t hate them.

Swatches on my skin:


The blushes can be built up to get the pigmentation you want, which is nice. The colors are very pretty but for my taste they contain too much glitter in them. Honestly I can’t complain about these blushes a lot. They only cost $3 a pop.  Pick one of these up and you won’t be disappointed.


As for the bronzer…

elf golden bronzer

I loved the bronzer so much. I was really blown away to how much I loved this product. I wasn’t expecting to love this as much as I do. I believe it was also $3. If i could recommend you to purchase any three items from Elf this would be on my top list. The glow this gives you is so beautiful.  I usually apply this with a brush in a circular motion on the product and apply it on my face.


The only downfall to these products Is that they come with mirrors that magically fall off. It doesn’t bug me that much! Elf, if you’re reading this..can you use a much better glue?



This is me with the bronzer applied on my face! (I was trying to re-create a Kim Kardashian look)


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