“Her Tiny Teeth” inspired DIY sunglasses!

Hey lovelies, I have another DIY project. I really hope you guys are loving these DIY posts. If you saw my previous post on cute affordable sunglasses you know that I posted one pair of sunnies that were about $80 dollars which is wayyyyy out of my budget. I decided to make my own version of Her Tiny Teeth sunglasses, and show you how you can make your own sunnies too!! What you will need: Pliers (just in case you can’t break off pieces of jewelry with your hands), Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks, scissors, any broken jewelry pieces (any of your choice).


I simply broke the pieces of jewelry in pieces until I got the bigger flowers alone. Once I got the flowers alone I simply glued one piece to each corner of my sunglasses. These glasses were bought two years ago and weren’t used a lot. Now I can’t wait to wear these new refurnished sunglasses!


The Result:Ami Garza's Sunglasses inspired by "Her tiny teeth"

Voila! What do you think?


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