Exchanging Accessories

Hello beautiful people, last semester I met a very friendly girl named Destiny. Destiny and I are currently in a photography class together and we came up with an idea that I think you guys would like!!! Destiny and I were talking about how much stuff we both have but sadly don’t use. Destiny and I came up with the idea of exchanging accessories between one another. I immediately loved the idea because I love Destiny’s style and I loved the idea of exchanging something you don’t use for something you WILL use! How great is the idea?!? I really think it’s a brilliant idea and I can see people doing this. I hope you guys try it out too! You don’t have to exchange with a classmate, you can exchange with a close bff, a family member or co-worker! If you give it a try let me know 🙂

This is what I grabbed from Destiny’s HUGE amount of UN-used accessories! 3 pairs of earrings and a galaxy bow.

ami garza



Destiny grabbed a cute pair of neon yellow earrings that I’ve never used and a blue headband! I really loved this idea, and It wasn’t originally going to be a blog post, but I thought about how great of an idea it was, and I decided to share!

One of my other classmates Stephanie is thinking of bringing us girls some makeup to exchange (some that aren’t used of course) and you guys know how I feel about makeup. If the makeup works out I will be glad to post about it! (Stephanie also was able to find a cute New York and Company watched that was UN-used from Destiny!)


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