Milani 05 Luminoso Blush Review + Swatch!

Milani Luminoso

A while ago I decided to try the infamous Milani Blush and to be honest I’m not a huge fan of blushes in the first place. Also once I find a product I love I don’t look back and use any other item. I was using Mac Blushes for a while and just decided to give other brands a try.

Milani Luminoso blush

I love the packaging of the Blush it makes it appear a bit more high-end! Well done Milani, well done!

Milani Lumino Blush opened

This is how it looks when you flip the little flap of the blush, you get a little mirror and a blush brush! Isn’t it so cute!!?! No wonder it’s $8.00.



Luminoso swatch

I really liked the color of it, especially for Spring coming up. What I did not like about this product was the overbearing glitter and shimmer it had. I would have loved it so much if it didn’t have glitter or at least if it had less shimmer in it. It’s my taste, other’s might like it. It’s such a great color of blush and I wish they’d come out with some matte blushes. I highlight my face so I think with this blush my face would look like I just slapped it with a bunch of glitter! haha Anyway if I had to rate it out 5 I would give it a 4! Good drug store blush.


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