Rat A Tat

The Young Blood Chronicles continue!

As we left off at Death Valley we have already lost one and that is Joe that for last video was trapped in hell… while Pete and Andy were being interrogated by police and Patrick held behind bars but who was soon released towards the end!

Courtney Love is the star of this next video as she turns out to be the leader of the mysterious women who have been torturing the boys and especially Patrick.

The goal to make him despise and destroy music is still set and Patrick is off once again to rid the world of music.

Love’s wild entrance hits off the continuation of the revolution, “It’s Courtney Bitch” she said and she means it…now it’s up to Pete to end the madness.

Two more videos are left and there is no doubt that Elton John will come in the end to save Rock N’ Roll !

(Stay tuned later on for a review of the ending of the album)


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