February Movies

If this February you are planning to go to the movies especially in this upcoming Valentine’s Day then these movies are some of the few you should consider watching with the one you choose to share your time with, these movies all tell a story of love and are some of the best to come out this month.

Winter’s Tale is the upcoming romance film based from the 1983 novel by Mark Helprin, this true love story begins when Peter Lake goes with an intention to rob a house and instead comes to know the young woman of the house whom he falls for in a short amount of time.

Jessica Brown Findley plays the character of Beverly Penn the woman Lake falls in love with but their time is set short when Lake finds out that his beloved is dying. This love story has not only the romance that lasts but also a rich plot filled with action and scenery from the years past in which he lived and the modern times in which he is stuck in. Collin Farrell’s character will capture us in the moment and the story will be for our hearts to listen to.

The historical tragedy of Pompeii is coming to the screens with a love story behind one of the most devastating events to have occurred. Milo, a slave in the Roman city of Pompeii soon turns to become a gladiator when he falls in love with Cassia, the woman he risks his everything for.

Kit Harrington actor from the famous show, “Game of Thrones” plays the character of Milo and Emily Browning plays Cassia the one he loves but cannot be with because of her forced engagement with another. As Mount Vesuvius begins to erupt Milo must find his way to her to escape the fatal ruin of their city.

The Monument’s Men is the movie directed by the well known actor George Clooney who also acts in the movie and stars Matt Damon as one of the main actors. The movie comes from the point of view of seven men who put their lives in danger in order to save the artworks from the destruction of the Nazis. Sent to Germany with the war continuing, these men who have never seen the dangers of war become soldiers in a quest to save the beauty of art from those who wish to destroy it. The movie will have action, laughter, and history in the making all in one, it is one to watch this year.

In Secret is an erotic thriller set in the 1860’s in Paris where Thérèse Raquin begins an affair with the friend of the man whom she is married to. Her marriage was forced upon her aunt and now stuck in this marriage she fights with a life without romance until she meets her husband’s friend.  Jessica Lange, will play the aunt Madame Raquin and Tom Felton will portray the character of the cousin who marries Thérèse and introduces his friend Laurent LeClaire to her. The consequences of their affair will be the most devastating events of their story…


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