Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore Lipstick review + swatches!

Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore  is exclusively sold only in your local Walmart. I found myself loving all the various color selection from Flower that it was almost impossible to choose which four colors  I wanted to take home. One thing that I do know from this review is that I NEED the rest of the lipstick colors. I really admire Drew Barrymore for putting the money of her line into the products and not into the advertising. Their is some companies who advertise their products so highly and their products don’t live up to the hype.

To start off, these lipsticks come in two different packaging to differentiate the lipsticks from a Velvet finish to a High Shine finish which you can see below. I thought the packaging was quite cute, chic, and sophisticated. I love the rose gold on the packaging I think it gives it a nice touch visually.


Below you can see the four shades I got which were; Rose Bud, So Gladiola, Coral Floret & Get To The Pointsettia. I thought it was so cute that the names of the lipsticks have names of Flowers. Whoever came up with that idea is brilliant! The lipsticks cost $6.98 each. You can find these on the Flower website here: http://flowerbeauty.com/lips/detail/22
flower beauty swatch by Ami Garza These lipsticks are SO EXTREMELY pigmented the payoff will blow your mind. For these lipsticks to be a drug store lippie they are high quality products. I personally think they are just as good as a Mac lipsticks. Flower lipsticks are extremely moisturizing and very long-lasting. I am surprised and completely amazed of how great of a product these are.

flowerbeauty1 At the bottom of these lipsticks they contain the names of the Flower names with a little swatch of what you’re going to get. I couldn’t be any happier with the small preview at the bottom of these lipsticks. The small preview helped me a lot to decide which ones I wanted to purchase.


1. They are EXTREMELY pigmented.

2. They are very moisturizing.

3. They don’t leave you with a patch of color if you have dry lips.

4. The staining power is amazing.

5. The costs for a lipstick  is very affordable.

6. The color selection is fantastic.

7. The packaging is beautiful.

8.  I was very happy with the packaging differentiation between a Matte/ Satin finish.

9. I couldn’t find any scent, if It does have any kind of scent it is very light. Don’t worry they don’t smell like Flowers!!

10. When you close your lipstick you can hear a click, which is awesome if you carry lipsticks in your purse. With this lipstick you won’t have to worry about if it will open and ruin your entire bag.


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