Books to Come to The Screen

Some of the best books in our modern time will come to the big screen this year, this includes the most famous book by the author John Green and James Dashner’s Sci-Fi/Thriller that will both surely keep the audience on edge.

John Green’s book “The Fault In Our Stars” when published immediately became one of the most heartbreaking books to read, the book shows us the hardships of cancer and what a great thing like friendship and love can truly do in the most devastating times.


Shailene Woodley will portray one of the main characters from the book, her character Hazel is the narrator of the book    who has cancer and therefore is sent to attend a support group where she meets Augustus Waters a patient with a prosthetic leg being played by the actor Ansel Elgort.

The book alone has already reached great admiration upon readers and knowing its wide fan base it will surely be one of the most visited movies the week it comes to play.

The journey to come will be one that we must see as most have already read; for those fans of this book this movie will mean the world to them when they first see it come to life and for anyone who has yet to read the book the movie like the story will have an impact, a heartfelt touch that we will never forget.

 “The Maze Runner”, is the upcoming thriller for those viewers who await for drama and that put their hearts to race along with the characters and in this series it is exactly what the movie will have one do. We seek for survival and in this book soon to become a movie; survival is the most important thing.


It is a post- apocalyptic world where children are sent to a place named the Glade which is strangely surrounded by a dark maze but the maze is no easy thing to escape as they all soon come to realize, it is a haunting place where the most unimaginable can happen and the most dangerous too.

In this world we follow Thomas a boy that has no memory of anything in his past and only of entering the dark world where he will have to fight to continue living. Known actor Dylan O’Brien from the show “Teen Wolf” will be playing the lead as he he takes on the role of Thomas.

The Maze Runner” is set to premiere in September!


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