Underrated Songs By Popular Artists

We’ve all heard today’s pop hits on our airwaves, but have we heard their best songs? Probably not. We all have heard of Katy Perry’s “Roar” & Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” but have we heard Katy’s “Thinking Of You” or Gaga’s “Monster”. If you said no, then it’s okay! I made a playlist of songs from popular female artists you can catch on the radio that have not been given the recognition they deserve. Hope you guys like it! Make sure you share on Facebook &  Twitter!!

Katy Perry- Thinking Of You, Lost & Mannequin

Lady Gaga- Monster, Dance In the Dark & Nothing Else I Can Say

Demi Lovato- Catch Me, Here We Go Again & Remember December, Warrior & Believe In Me

Miley Cyrus- Liberty Walk & Stay

Selena Gomez- A Year Without Rain (Spanish + English version) , Hit the Lights, We Own the Night.

Britney Spears- Do Somethin’ , Shattered Glass, Kill the Lights.

Paramore- Misguided Ghosts, Fast In My Car,When It Rains & Fences.

Taylor Swift- The Way I Loved You, Stay Beautiful & A Place In This World.

Rihanna- Cry

Beyonce- Flaws & All

Kelly Clarkson- Beautiful Disaster

Lily Allen- He Wasn’t There & Everyone’s At It

Zendaya- Replay (This is a REALLY good pop song, I am sad it didn’t break through Itunes Top 10! )

Avril Lavigne- Freak Out, He Wasn’t & Innocence

Jessie J- Who You Are, Mamma Knows Best & Who’s Laughing Now

Ke$ha- Dinosaur & Sleazy

Ellie Goulding- The Writer


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