Review on Nyx Cosmetics

I ordered a couple of Nyx items that I had been DYING to try out a couple of months ago. In my area where I live it was impossible to find a Nyx store, so i ordered online. When i opened my package I received three lipsticks, a matte cream and a lip pencil. The total of my order was about $30 which was not bad all. In the picture above, you can see how i received these items. I was shocked and upset my items were melted in their plastic tubes.

I am assuming my items melted  because of the hot Texas weather (which sucks). I don’t think I will ever be purchasing any Nyx Products from their website ever again.

How sad is this? I was really upset when i saw this.

Anyway besides the point of my makeup melting, the products were okay. I didn’t love them, and I didn’t hate them. The two Matte Lipsticks were a bit too smooth on the lips for my liking. I also noticed on the lipsticks that when you apply them on your lips, they feel as though they are going to break (the lipsticks wobble) . On a good note, the Matte cream which I purchased in ADDIS ABABA smelled deliciously like cake batter. Overall I was satisfied with the vividness in all the prosucts. I was disappointed in the quality of the items. If you have purchased any Nyx Cosmetics comment below and share your Nyx experience!


7 responses to “Review on Nyx Cosmetics

  1. I have three NYX lippies: Pandora, Mauve and Snow White. All three are gorgeous, specially Pandora. I didn’t have any melting problems and I do live in a tropical island. The color payoff is awesome. I also love the Jumbo Eye Pencil: best primers ever!!!! I have several and they make my eyeshadows super bright and last all day and night.

  2. Did you try and contact their customer service? I’m sure they would have replaced them! Sorry about your luck :/ I have the eyeshadow base in white shimmer and I LOVE it! ~ Lauren (East Coast)

    • Hey Lauren, I didn’t contact customer service. I should have but I was just so upset that I didn’t want them to send me anything and for that to have melted also! I know now not to order any makeup during summertime In Texas!!!

  3. I just discovered nyx cosmetics and I am loving the liquid matte and high voltage lippies. The retractable lip liner needs work though. It broke halfway lining my lip.

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