Save Rock and Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles

The story continues in Fall Out Boy’s ongoing videos for their new album!

So far and including this brand new video only seven videos have been released out of the eleven songs in the album. Having been left off at Patrick turning in the song “Just One Yesterday” featuring the Foxes, the series continues to follow the band members running once again for their lives but only this time by one of their own…

The vibe of these videos brings more to their music, they did incredible with the videos!  It’s a story and a movie featuring themselves! It is more than anticipating, it is strangely entertaining, and captivating to follow. 

Fall Out Boy hit their return with a bang when they first released the first video and now we continue the journey with them once again.

Video 7. Where Did The Party Go

If you haven’t seen the past videos start from the beginning! The series is one click away for you to watch!


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