Soundtrack: Catching Fire

With a great story there always comes a song that follows and for The Hunger Games following movie, this years soundtrack varies in different tastes of music as it did the last. 

Fifteen songs that were picked to depict the story and I have chosen the top 8 for what my sense of music has favored.

1. Lorde

2. The Lumineers, Gale Song

3. Coldplay

4.  Imagine Dragons

5. Of Monsters and Men

6. Patti Smith

7.  Antony & The Johnsons

8. The National

The other seven songs are there for you to explore in iTunes!

In one album I have chosen these eight marvelous songs out of all fifteen because of their sound and because of how well they went with the story of Catching Fire.

Last movie they made an incredible album with The Civil Wars, Punch Brothers, Jayme Dee, and many others and now once again these new set of artists have given us great music hopefully it continues to the last movie.

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