Vintage in the Cold Days

The cold is coming and that means so many things to all gals out there and one of those things is dressing up for the time and going vintage is a must and though there are not many who still dress in that old style of the 20’s, 40’s, and 50’s there are those few exceptions and one who has succeeded is the lovely Dita Von Teese.


In these handpicked styles, Dita Von Teese uses coats as the main clothing to make the outfit complete. Since that time of year is coming where one must wear long coats to keep warm, what better way than to pick the coat with the side swept fur or the puffy bottom half. Vintage sunglasses don’t need to be included but if you really want to hit that old style then yes they are a must, long gloves are also something that can make the outfit so much more sophisticated. As for heels, high or short it does not matter what should be taken into consideration is what type of heels work with the coat you have; it may be too cold to have peep toe heels but if they complete the look consider wearing them with leggings simple or with patterns though simple ones might be better.


The vintage style is never too old to sport and since we are coming close to those cold days let’s make them sophisticated and elegant for a different style in these modern days.


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