Mac lipstick dupes!

Hey guys, I was able to find you  these dupes for a much cheaper price than the Mac ones! All these lipsticks I was able to find them at my  local H-E-B! If you are not from Texas you can find these dupes at your local CVS, Walgreens, Target or Wal-Mart. If these dupes aren’t in those stores, don’t worry, these cosmetics can be found online in Amazon and Ebay! Score one for the Internet! Check them out!- Ami


1st Row: Mac Velvet Teddy – $15.00

Rimmel London Kate Collection #14 – $5.99


2nd Row: Mac impassioned – $15.00

Rimmel London Kate Collection # 06 – $5.99


3rd Row: Mac Diva – $15.00

Jordana Matte Eggplant #20 – $1.49




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