Music For The Soul

This is the music that will not only speak, play, and sing but that will also touch the soul and make it jump and dance.

The Civil Wars- John Paul White, lead singer/guitarist and Joy Williams also lead singer  have been around for some time now. With their hit “Barton Hollow” they hit popularity in the music business but not as much as they obviously deserve. They are the musicians that worked on hot days and cold nights with their souls in plain view. The experience that they give to anyone who listens is beyond incredible, which is why I have supported them from day one. I tap my feet, follow Joy Williams to her beat, and hold my heart out to John Paul White. They are those to experience live and when one does I can promise you that you will be the only one there and you will feel infinite. Though there have been rumors of their separation I still pray that it is just temporary for musically they belong together.

Their new album is out now! 

And If you want to know more of them check them out here!

Milo Greene- Four lead singers, four musicians that will surely relax you and make you feel the music vibrate around you. They are not known by many, unfortunately very few  know who they are. Thankfully though, they followed The Civil Wars on their tour and opened for them and this is where I found them. The first song they played was “1957” and from that moment on I became a loyal fan. Their music is “cinematic pop” and they are much more than musicians, if you listen closely, you’ll find yourself listening to a short movie, they do music that would be for movies or shows, that is what they play for and that is what makes them different.


And if you have a wanting for more, check their talented videos here,

Punch Brothers- This bluegrass band will take you to the forest and let you touch the grass with your hands, they will have you shaking, and leave you with a wanting to touch that sweet banjo. The quintet band plays the instruments of the old, they touch the senses with the mandolin, violin, banjo, guitar, and bass.  They are most known for their song, “Dark Days” which was chosen for “The Hunger Games Soundtrack” this song never gets old and plays just for the story so have a listen to it and all their other incredible songs!

Know more about them by following this link!

Take a step into the forest here..

Mumford & Sons- They are the Gentlemen Of The Road and they are known for their song, “Little Lion Man” but they are known to me as one of the greatest bands of all time. If you see them live it is assured that you will dance and jump to their infectious rhythm, their songs tell stories, their music move your feet, and their voices together are one of the most powerful things I have ever heard. Being literate is just one other bonus for them for many of their songs are driven by beautiful literature but what they do to their music is beyond extraordinary. Listen to “Dust Bowl Dance” for a revenge driven story, listen to “Timshel” and you will hear John Steinbeck’s powerful book “East of Eden”. If you should listen to anyone, it should be them.

This is where you begin,

Thistle and Weeds: 

Kimbra- To end it off, here is one of the best vocalists. Kimbra comes to us from New Zealand, singing her jazzy pop songs all the way to the United States for us to experience and trust me the experience is soulful. Her voice goes to places not many singers go to, she dances on stage, and feels the music through her. She uses today’s advances in music to her advantage and bears her soul when she is singing; she is the one to follow. Most people recognize her from Goyte’s hit, “Somebody That I Used to Know” and if you liked that short part of her than you will surely adore the other sides of her.

Her official website for you to explore,

Plain Gold Ring will take you back,


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