Observation Journal

It was a Monday evening when I decided to go to Walmart. Why is there always three registers open with long lines? I asked myself. I decided to go to the lawn section of the store and pay there, the lines were always short. I walked up to the register and saw a middle aged man with a mustache, who had a kart full of bags of soil. “Great now I have to wait even longer.” I thought. “Your total is $98.78 said the cashier. Overwhelmed by his work, the cashier cracked a tiny smile as the weird man pulled out some cash out of his wallet. I was anxiously waiting for his transaction to be over, “how long is this gonna take” I thought, I only had three items; some fake lashes, a pack of gum and a lipstick. I thought maybe this is what I deserved, karma at it’s finest.  Maybe it was a sign from above, after breaking my promise of not purchasing anymore makeup,” maybe I shouldn’t buy this lipstick” was all I could think of. “Excuse me sir I need to see your receipt”  I quickly snapped out of my thought bubble.  As I looked up, I saw an older man with a red trucker hat. He was power walking out of the store with an electronic chainsaw box in his hands. “Sir, let me see your receipt!!!” the cashier shouted. The cashier chased after the older man and to our surprise, the elder man outran the cashier. Still waiting in line, I didn’t know what to do. I saw as the older man got into his car and took off. The cashier called the Walmart police and after five minutes he looked at me and said “I’m so sorry, where were we.”